More about me

14740e54-d965-4be9-9bf2-45b6a8474efbHey everyone,

Finally writing my very first post on my new blog! I had no idea what to post first so I guess I’ll just start by telling you more about myself.

My name is Manon, I’m a 20 year old French girl. I was born in France, in a city called Clermont-Ferrand and I moved to China when I was 13. I am now studying and living in Dubai. I can speak french, english, chinese, spanish and I’m learning arabic.

I wanted to start this blog for a few reasons. Firstly, because I love writing random things so, I thought, I might as well post it where people can read it even if it doesn’t always make sense. Then, because I’m following a lot of bloggers on social media so I was like, why not me? It won’t be the same because my purpose is not to copy but I want to share my experience with you and maybe help you with something as well.

I would like to post about myself, my travels, make up, clothes, shoes, any advices that I can give you about anything. So if you have any suggestions for my following posts, feel free to tell me.

I’m still not very familiar with all this blogging thing so I’ll make this post very simple ! (I wouldn’t want anyone to fall asleep while reading my first post…)

I hope you like it and I’ll see you in another article :).


PS: I’ll write in English for now, and add French whenever I know how to do it ! 🙂

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